Jan/Released 7th album "Ship Of Theseus"

that is said "Nice stuff Mayflowers,heard four of them" by Andy Partridge from XTC.

Sep/Joined the compilation international POP Overthrow Vol.17 with "Flying Birds".


Osamu took part in Gary Frenay's solo album as a guitarist & Bassist.


10 Years Anniversary

Mar/Invited Mike Viola who sings theme song of That thing you do! directed by Tom Hanks to Japan and played together.


Oct/Invited PEZBAND to Japan and performed together.

Dec/Hold  new album "Ship Of Theseus releasing party.

One song "Move Over" was included charity album "Sweet Relief3" for helping the damage hit by hurricane catrina.


Mar/Releasecd  6th album "Plymouth Rock" that is mastered at Abbey Road studio in London.


Be featured by Popaholic in USA as the most famous poperpop band in Japan.


Be selected this year's best album in American,Spanish and Brazilian


Apr/Managed The Flashcubes Japan tour and perform together.


Sep/Joined the compilation international POP overthrow Vol.14 with "Cat's Boro Blues".


Feb/Managed The Rubinoos Japan Tour and perform together.


May/Liverpool&London tour. In London they met David Myhr from The Merrymakers.


Sep/Joined the compilation international POP overthrow Vol.14 with "OH NO THE NET".


One song "Get Over Time" was included charity album "Sweet Relief2" for helping the damage hit by hurricane catrina.


May/Liverpool&London tour. Among all, the show at Hope&Anchor was amazing. 

They performed at IPO and lots of streets.


Sep/Joined the compilation international POP overthrow vol.13 with "Rain Parade".


Dec/Supported JIM BOGGIA JAPAN TOUR in Kyoto.


May/Released 4th album "Bremen Rock" and it got No.1 rock album in Japan.

Second UK tour. Performed at IPO Liverpool,Cavern Club,Grapes,Cavern Pub,Bull&Gate and Peterperkers Rock'n Roll Club.


Sep/Joined the compilation international POP overthrow vol.12 with "Rubber Sole". 


Dec/Released 5th album "Red Balloon".


Jan/The song named Goodtimes Badtimes was decided as the theme song of the film what originally contributed on Weekly Jamp[Japanese comic]

May/"Strange Fruits" Osamu's solo project joins "Beautiful Escape:The Songs of The Posies Revisited" that is tribute for The Posies.

Oct/Played with The Records[from UK] and 20/20[from USA].


July/First USA tour.
Played at International Powerpop Overthrow LA.

Aug/Performed at RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL that is one of the biggest 4 festival in Japan.


Sep/Joined the tribute record for the legendary powerpop band Jellyfish "Sensory Lullabies:Tribute to jellyfish" only in Aisia.
The Mayflowers plays Always Be My Girl.


Also handed Roger Manning this album when he comes to Japan.


Oct/Supported The Rubinoos Japan tour in Kyoto & Osaka.


One song "Volume Is #9" was chosen charity album "Sweet Relief" for helping the damage hit by hurricane catrina.


Feb/First headlining live in Kyoto Takutaku.

May/Released 3rd album "Pop-a-doodle-doo?" in Japan,USA,Germany & Spain.


Be rated high by record shops and music magazines in Japan.


American famous powerpop label Notlame featured the album as Best of the Best Powerpop 2006.


Started a first British tour and played in Cavern Club.
Performed at "International Powerpop Overthrow" the most biggest powerpop festival in the world.


June/Supperted Australian band The Innocents' Japan tour.


Sep/Joined the compilation international POP overthrow Vol.9 with "Color Me Pop".


Feb/Supported BOWLING FOR SOUP who is Grammy nominated band at Osaka tour.

June/Hold a new event "POPXTC Vol.1" in Kyoto Takutaku.


Sep/Performed in Tokyo for the first time.


Sep/Released 2nd album "Are You Green?" ※Released in USA, Germany & Spain from 2006

Rock listener in Japan and overseas loves this one.


American famous powerpop label Notlame praised this.


Dec/Supported FARRAH Osaka tour.


The beginning of The Mayflowers based in Kyoto, Japan.

May/Released 1st album "Mayday".
Official XTC fan-site Chaklhills introduced this record.

Lawrence and Keeler members of The Raconteurs and The Greenhornes estimated this album quality highly.

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