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■The Mayflowers Biography


Melody, Harmony & Rock'n' Roll=The Mayflowers
Rock band with the british rock spirits is born in Japan.


In 2003, The Mayflowers was formed by Osamu Satoyama -songwriter, vocal and the bass guitar- to write world-class tunes.
Through 12 years, the band released 7 studio albums & took part in lots of international compilations.
As an example the charity record for Hurricane Katrina 'Sweet Relief3'
Above all, the band joined Tribute to Jellyfish the legendary power-pop band.


World rock listener & musicains love them.
Andy Partridge from XTC is saying "Nice stuff Mayflowers,heard four of them".
American music website Poerpopaholic features a special topic "the most famous power-pop band in Japan"
6th "Plumouth Rock" was completed in abbey road studio and got top sales in power-pop store in America, Spain and Brazil.


The band did the world tour through London,Liverpool and LA.
Also played in Cavern Club where is known the beatles and performed in International Pop Overthrow for five times.


Rising Sun Rock Festival in Hokkaido,Japan was the biggest stage in the band's history.
The song named Goodtimes Badtimes was the theme song of the film what originally contributed on Weekly Jamp[Japanese comic]


Who we play with…
Farrah,Bowling for Soup,Locksley,The Rubinoos,Mike Viola,Squire, The Records,20/20,The Innocents,

The Flashcubes,Pezband,Dniel Wyley,Paul Chastain,The Small Square


Osamu Satoyama

Lead Vocal&Bass&Guitar

From:Nagasaki JAPAN


Favorite Artist:XTC,Jellyfish,The Move,Oasis,Badfinger,Owsley,Small Faces

Koji Kimura


from.Kyoto JAPAN


Favorite Artist:The Who,Tool、Tower of power

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